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Ghost Stories: A Destiny Podcast

Ghost Stories is a podcast centered around the amazing lore and stories of Bungie's Sci-Fi videogame, Destiny.

Each week the team breaks down specific aspects of a given topic and takes an in depth look at not just the Grimoire, but also in-game lore, character/mission/quest dialogue, item descriptions/flavor text, concept art, supplementary items, and any other relevant data we can find to help surface and explain the content in an easily accessible conversational audio format. Our dedication to uncovering the facts and truth about the lore have made us the premier Destiny lorecast.

Here on this site you can find information about the team behind Ghost Stories, resources, archives of the show, development insights via our blog, and much more. Have a look around and enjoy yourselves, Guardians!


The Show

Ghost Stories Podcast

The Ghost Stories Podcast!

Our weekly, 5-star rated, Bungie.net featured, podcast devoted to the lore and story of Destiny. We currently have over 50 episodes available on Podbean and through iTunes, Google Play, and RSS!

Destiny Timeline

Destiny Timeline

A Chronological TL:DR of Destiny

ScoobyDeezy and dropslash's attempt at sorting all of the major events in the entire history of Destiny in chronological order. A good jumping off point if you're just getting started with Destiny Lore.

Ghost Stories Fan Slack!

Destiny Ghost Stories Fan Chat

Our Community

Our community Discord server is the place to be to discuss all the different aspects of Destiny's lore, leave feedback for the show, chat with some of the community's most amazing content creators, find fireteams, and a whole lot more. With over 800 members from all over the world, there's always something happening. Access is just an email away.