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Ghost Stories: Books of Sorrow Playlist

If you're looking for Destiny Ghost Stories episodes arranged by category, you're in the right place. On this page you'll find all of our Books of Sorrow episodes grouped together for a more logical listening experience.

Happy listening, Guardians!

Episode 04: Books of Sorrow 1

(10/27/2015) - Forever and a story.

Episode 10: Books of Sorrow 2

(01/19/2016) - Online and true.

Episode 13: Books of Sorrow 3

(02/09/2016) - This beautiful shape.

Episode 16: Books of Sorrow 4

(05/01/2016) - We have made preparations.

Episode 17: Books of Sorrow 5

(03/09/2016) - The Wrap Up

Episode 19: King's Fall

(03/29/2016) - Set in motion long ago.

Guest: My Name Is Byf

Episode 22: Seth Dickinson Interview

(04/12/2016) - The writer of the Books of Sorrow. AIAT!

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