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Ghost Stories: Factions Playlist

If you're looking for Destiny Ghost Stories episodes arranged by category, you're in the right place. On this page you'll find all of our Faction episodes grouped together for a more logical listening experience.

Happy listening, Guardians!

Episode 24: Faction Wars 1

(04/27/2016) - New Monarchy

Episode 26: Faction Wars 2

(05/15/2016) - Dead Orbit

Episode 27: Ghost Fragments Vex 1-4

(05/29/2016) - The once and Future War Cult.

Special VO: Neonbath, SherbetPop

Episode 27.5: Ghost Fragment Vex 5

(06/07/2016) - This War is Love.

Special VO: SherbetPop

Episode 28: Faction Wars 3

(06/12/2016) - Future War Cult

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