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Ghost Stories: Interview Playlist

If you're looking for Destiny Ghost Stories episodes arranged by category, you're in the right place. On this page you'll find all of our Interview and Fan Question episodes grouped together for a more logical listening experience.

Happy listening, Guardians!

Episode 09: Baxter Interview

(01/16/2016) - The creator of The Ishtar-Collective.net

Episode 14: John Ryan Interview

(02/16/2016) - Copy Editor for House of Wolves and The Taken King

Episode 22: Seth Dickinson Interview

(04/12/2016) - The writer of the Books of Sorrow. AIAT!

Episode 25: Morla Gorrondona Interview

(05/01/2016) - The voice of Eris Morn seeks the truth.

Episode 34: Kirsten Potter Interview

(08/04/2016) - The voice of Queen Mara Sov bows to no one.

​​Episode 06: Fan Questions 1

(12/08/2015) - It's been too long.

Episode 21: Fan Questions 2

(04/05/2016) - Arc Boogaloo

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