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Episode 36: Warlock Exotic Armor 1

Episode 36: Exotic Sandals Vacation

MOAR EXOTICS! We're really jamming to get them all in before Rise of Iron, so we're moving on to Armor. In what was originally supposed to be a single episode focusing on Warlock Exotics, we somehow managed to drag it out to a 2-parter. We were missing Gabble (our resident Warlock) for this episode, so we hope you like dropslash's (part time Warlock) voice because you're going to hear him say "uh" 15,000 times. We chat about creatively naming 3 different Exotics "Nemesis Light", "Light Beyond", and "Light Beyond Nemesis" (seriously), lava stones, dharmas, melty universe brains, babbling sheep, blink-shotgun PTSD, and Harry Potter spoilers. There's also some new music from our friend Ganemyde! Enjoy!

Episode References:

  • Ganemyde - Echoes Over Orange Mountain [amazon]

  • Fallout Plays: Testing The Ram

  • Raise Your Hand If You're Sherb!

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