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Episode 36.5: Warlock Exotic Armor 2

Episode 36.5: Less Exotic Sandals Staycation

A weekend episode?! That's right! In an effort to get all the Exotics covered before Rise of Iron, we're presenting Warlock Armor Pt.02 early for your listening enjoyment. We have our resident full-time Warlock, GabbleRatchet, back in the house to talk Body Armor, Gloves, Dark Souls, Xûr PTSD, and not reading perk descriptions close enough. SherbetPop drops some serious lore/knowledge bombs on us, and dropslash says "Uh" a million more times, but at least acknowledges that he does (?).

If you were at DestinyCon this weekend, you may have met Gabble in person, since he was down in FL representing the Ghost Stories crew. Huge thanks to everyone that was involved in helping get the show off the ground and who showed their support by attending!

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