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Episode 37: Hunter Exotic Armor 1

Episode 37: Êxotic-à-porter

What happens when you put three frabjous Hunters on a podcast to talk about Hunter Exotics? Oh, you're about to find out, oh listener mine. Suffice to say, on this tangent filled episode we're talking Hunter Exotic Body Armor, Boots, and Cloaks... oh man, THE CLOAKS. Damn, we're good looking. Ok, ok, lets keep this point! (the point of our sweet knives). Join us as we dig up obscure references to raspberries, do some radiant Italian (blade) dancing, try to figure out who Eao was, take a look into Sherb's cloak closet, talk about all the things Radiant Dance Machine's can't do, and listen as drop descends into madness chasing his white whale, Alpha Lupi. INTELLECT.

We also have a special message from GabbleRatchet about his amazing time at Destiny Community Con.

Episode References:

  • Husky Raid: Saw something weird at the Venus Gate Lord...

  • Hunter Music From: Hunter - Season 1 Intro

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