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Episode 37.5: Hunter Exotic Armor 2

Episode 37.5: Kexotic Armor

Another double episode week! We're cranking hard to get every Exotic covered before Rise of Iron, so this week we're bringing another lore master (and the show's #1 fan) on board to help us finish up Hunter Exotics and to give us a decidedly non-Hunter viewpoint on things. We're so happy to welcome Capt. Kex of the L.ORG Chart project to the show! His keen Warlock mind keeps us on track this episode as we talk about more Dark Souls references, spider biology, hilarious 90's movies, amazing 40's movies, poop bugs, Ahamkara jewelry, commiserate over the sad state of Gunslinger "adjustments", and a bunch of other ridiculous things that frame the history, lore, and secrets of some of our favorite Hunter Exotics. This is a long one, enjoy!

Episode References:

  • The L.ORG Project:

  • 3 Nighthawks vs. Psion Flayers:

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