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Episode 38: Titan Exotic Armor 1

Episode 38: Traveling to Exotic places, meeting new and exciting aliens, and then murdering them.

Well, we’ve come this far. It’s time to end this insanely long run of our look at Exotics with the first of two episodes devoted to Titan Exotics. To help us out with this, we recruited two hardcore Titan mains, dropslash’s clanmates, Nightfork and Crono42. We’re talking Body Armor, Gloves, and Marks this episode so get ready for an Armamentarium love-fest, airborne police acrobatic shenanigans, witch hunting, sweet holograms, MOAR HEAVY AMMO, butts, shaders, and a ton of other hilarious topics. Laugh along with us as Xray trolls us from the notes, we discuss a bit of our gaming origins, Guardian names, and learn how Sherb makes a bit of Glimmer on the side. It’s Titan Exotics, Part 1! Enjoy yourself, Guardians!

Episode References:

  • Textbook1987: Portico Garrison Titan Flying

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