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Episode 38.5: Titan Exotic Armor 2

Episode 38.5: Endotics

We did it! It was a monumental undertaking, (we'll talk stats next episode) but we made it to the end of Exotics! This will be the last Exotic focused episode for a good long while, as we have now covered every Exotic weapon and armor in the game... and even some that aren't. This episode is picking right up where the last one left off, covering Titan Helmets and Boots. We discuss the super recent changes to the Mk.44 Stand Asides, the power of Peregrine Greaves, the missing Dunemarchers, the deep lore of Helm of Saint-14, and a whole lot more. Bring it home, Titans!

Episode References:

  • Fallout Plays: What You Can Kill Wearing Peregrine Greaves

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