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Episode 35.5: Strength of the Pack

Episode 35.5: Strength of the Pack

Well, we made it all the way here. The last of the Exotic Heavy Weapons gets a special show all it's own. That's right, this episode is all about Gjallarhorn. Per usual, we're diving into the history of Gjallarhorn, both in the lore and among the Guardians who wield it, but on this show we also invited our listeners and members of the community to send us their stories. So join us as we tell some truly legendary tales of loss, love, engrams, pronunciation, strange coins, glory days, rage, revenge, regret, insane luck, and a whole lot more as we look back on the Exotic that made us gods of the Year 1 battlefield.

Huge thanks to everyone who sent us amazing stories for this episode!

Episode References:

Davviq: "My Gjallarhorn" - Part of Your World

WorkRevolt: Destiny Gun Reviews

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