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Union of Light Contest

Welcome, Guardians!

We at Ghost Stories are issuing a challenge to all of the would-be Lords of Iron. A new contest!

So what does this contest entail, exactly? Well, we're asking you to show off, to do what you do best and send it our way.

  • Wrecking shop in the Crucible?

  • Burning out the SIVA infection with a flaming Axe?

  • Honoring the Iron Lords who came before you at Felwinter Peak?

  • Proving your might in the Archon's Forge?

  • Admiring the landscapes from you Gjallarwing?

  • Invoking the Wrath of the Machine?

  • Or are you just the most frabjouis Guardian to ever walk the land?

We're looking for just one thing. A single screenshot that shows off Rise of Iron and your Guardian in anyway you see fit, a screenshot worthy of the Iron Lords.

What would the prize be for such a contest, you ask? Well, your screenshots will be judged by two Ghost Stories Guardians who invaded PAX West and came away with 5 codes for the coveted Union of Light Emblem (see above). They will be judging screenshots based on diversity, artistry, composition, and how much of your Iron has Risen since our fight against the Taken. Make them unique and interesting, and of course, HUDless.

The contest starts as soon as you read this! You will have until October 8̶t̶h̶ 15th to submit your entires. Remember:

  • Photo has to feature something from the Rise of Iron expansion.

  • Photo has to feature your Guardian.

  • Photo has to be taken without the HUD on.

Once you have your masterpiece.

The winners will be chosen and announced on that weeks episode. Good luck, Guardians!

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