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Union of Light Contest: Winners!

Rise Up Guardians! The Ghost Stories Union of Light contest has come to a close! The entries we received ranged from the ludicrous to the deranged. The heart wrenching to the gut clenching! Unfortunately, we only had a finite number of codes to give away... five to be exact. The choices were tough. We wanted each winner to depict something different about the expansion. Pictures with similar context and composition battled one another in Thunderdome like death matches… and they were close. But the winners have been chosen! In no particular order!

Cpt Kex: The LORG Mind himself. Practicing Kung-Fu Vosik’s clean room. Silly Warlocks…

BK Spleen: Representing the Dames of Destiny with an excellent view from the “The Top”. In her frabjous purple armor.

Raiinofsouth: Lighting the Plaguelands up with the flames of war… and an Iron Battle Axe. Ironically wearing a House of Devils Cloak.

MaximusHector: Finding his way forward with his new furry companion… but the doggo has to stay…

TheRealEcoli13: Rocking out to the battle drums of the Archon’s Forge, in a sea of loot and FIRE

Winners will also be announced on Twitter and emails with codes will be sent!

Thank you all for participating. All of the entries can be found in this gallery!

Until next time!


DGS Editors Note: Huge thanks to our community for putting this contest on and to everyone that entered (there were a ton of amazing entries. I do not envy our judges.) Congrats to the winners and be on the lookout for more contests in the near future!

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