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The Future of Ghost Stories

Later today or tomorrow we're going to release Episode 44 of Ghost Stories. It is not a lore episode. It is going to be a general update episode about the state of show, what we’ve been up to, what we’re planning, and a bunch of other topics we want to address here as we roll into 2017. It's long and rambly and full of non-Destiny conversations. This post is going to serve as a TL:DL of that show, in case you're just looking for the nitty gritty.


It’s been kind of crazy since our last show, which was our look into Crota’s End. So we’re here to talk about what’s been going on with the team. But, let’s get one thing out of the way first:

Ghost Stories isn’t going anywhere.

November was a busy month for all of us. On top of the personal things we talked a little bit about, the show itself has gotten really big, which is awesome, but that means it also takes a lot of work and commitment from every member of our team. Since the team is so small, losing just one of us per show is a pretty big hit. We love this show and the community that’s risen up around it though and we’re here to stay!

There is a LOT more to cover.

Ok, let’s get this out of the way right up front. Rise of Iron and the upcoming expansion, The Dawning of the Age of Aquarius, punched some HUGE holes in the established lore and sacrificed a lot of narrative coherency for gameplay. Gabble and dropslash have been pouring over these changes extensively and it’s sadly just becoming more and more difficult to extract the truth of anything without having to essentially fan-craft elaborate justifications for everything the writing is presenting to us. Honestly, it’s been really disheartening. It is fantastic that the focus has been more on gameplay and creating an amazing real-time Destiny player experience, but it causes more problems that are really worth committing our time to on the narrative/story/lore side of things.

drop: This is much different from collecting all the different pieces and uncovering the layers of story and history. Think of it like a huge quilt. Previously, Bungie provided the panels, the thread, and the needle and it was up to us to decode the pattern and weave it all together to reveal the beautiful design. Now, it's up to us to provide that needle and thread, we're the ones who are providing the connections between wildly diverging panels because the connections are not actually there. We're creating the narrative cohesion and that means a lot of work that can be undone at any time should Bungie decide.

That said, we still have some huge topics to cover in 2017. The Vex and the Vault of Glass, Dwindler’s Ridge, The Crucible, The Cabal, and a lot more. These shows are all being developed and you will absolutely be hearing more about them as we roll into 2017. These shows will be big and require a ton of research, so, to better facilitate that...

In 2017, Ghost Stories will become bi-monthly.

As we’ve gone on, our shows have become a lot bigger, longer, better, hotter… er, wait... We’ve taken on huge topics and gone super in depth with our explorations and discussions. We’ve always prided ourselves on the attention to details and information presented both in the game and outside it as well. We are fully committed to preserving that level of quality. To do so though, we need to be able to devote as much time as possible to episode development and have decided that moving to an every-other-week schedule will allow us to do that much more effectively. Like we just mentioned, we have some enormous topics coming up and this strategy really allows us dive deep and produce the high quality content our listeners have come to expect.

drop: Please remember, Ghost Stories isn’t any of our jobs, we do it because we love it. As much as we’d love to be able to commit 40+ hours a week to developing each episode, it’s just not feasible. But, that said…

In 2017, we’ll have more supplemental content.

Moving to bi-monthly won’t mean there will be less Ghost Stories. We’re planning on producing more content outside of the show itself. Live streams, raid alongs, interviews, website content, and more are all on our radar for the off-weeks. We’re also looking to feature our amazing fan community much more by sharing the spotlight while we work in the background. We’ll have a lot more details on that in the future. These are all ways we can keep bringing Ghost Stories content to you without the massive time investment that the show itself represents. That said, we’re also looking into ways to preserve the depth of our shows in a more bite-size format. Not every topic needs a sweeping, 3.5 hour, bi-monthly, dissertation. If it makes sense to break topics up into more manageable episodes and drop them weekly, we’ll definitely do that too.

So that's where we stand here at the end of 2016. We are all fully committed to Destiny Ghost Stories and we're really looking forward to being able to deliver amazing new content, highlight some of our amazing community, and join you all in experiencing what the future of Destiny holds.

We love you all,

-The DGS Team

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