You can always find all the Destiny Ghost Stories episodes in chronological order on Podbean, iTunes, Google Play, and RSS. Here you can find collections of shows by topic in case you're looking for a long listen or deep dive on a particlar subject.

General Episodes

Ghost Stories Episodes and Whispers that cover general Destiny lore and 1 to 3 show topics like Classes, Warminds, Bungie Lore, and more.


A collection of our interview episodes, including Destiny community developers, voice actors, writers, and more. Also includes our Fan Question episodes.

Books of Sorrow

Our epic 7-part exploration of The Books of Sorrow and King's Fall ending with an interview with Seth Dickinson, the writer of the Books of Sorrow.


Our 5-part look at each of the major factions in Destiny including a deep dive into the Ishtar Acadamy origins of the Future War Cult.


A massive 13 episode series devoted to uncovering the lore and stories behind every Exotic weapon and piece or Armor in the game... and some that are not.

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