The Ghost Stories team is a group of devoted fans dedicated to the research, analysis, and surfacing of the amazing stories and lore contained in Bungie's Sci-Fi videogame, Destiny. Every member of the team serves as co-host and Ghost Stories is what it is because of the hard work put in by this amazing team.


Lead Host / Audio Production

The voice of Ghost Stories. Xray is our fearless leader, PR agent extraordinaire, audio editor, outtakes master, and Slack .gif overlord. All our amazing guest episodes are a credit to this gentleman right here.


Copy Editor / Research & Analysis

Lord of the Show Notes, a lot of the content you hear on Ghost Stories each week comes from this man. With Toland-like obsession, dropslash dives deep into the lore to expose the hidden meanings, references, and connections strewn throughout Destiny's story.


Audio Production / Research

The team's dedicated Warlock, Gabble tagteams Audio Production with Xray and Research with dropslash as well as heading up community efforts in our Slack Channel. Gabble is our point-man for current Destiny goings on, if something new is happening, Gabble is on top of it.


Research & Analysis / VO

Our resident Australian, Hunter fashion paragon, and jump aficionado. Sherbet assists with research, analysis, insights, as well as being an active voice not just in our community Slack, but in many of our special content audio recordings.


Designer / Research & Analysis

The man behind the curtain. Scooby is responsible for all of the Ghost Stories graphics and our amazing t-shirt designs. His insights and research have proven invaluable to the show and while you don't always hear his voice on the show, his influence is felt in each one.



A true Fireteam is six Guardians, but we're not quite ready to reveal our 6th. Maybe it's you.

Ghost Stories is a team effort, but no show is an island. Huge thanks to all our listeners, community, and guests. You help make Ghost Stories what it is.

This show is made possible by the invaluable contributions of developers and designers who work tirelessly to make the Destiny Community a better and brighter place. We would like to extend a huge thank you to the following folks for doing what they do: